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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Scalia's Death A Murder?


Supreme Court Justice Scalia dies of natural causes on a (nobody paid) expenses  vacation sponsored by the owner of a ranch who reportedly received a favorable decline to hear a case decision from the SCOTUS has ignited infernos of Right wing conspiracy demagoguery.

The Washington Post ran a 1:50-minute segment regarding Scalia's death and its ruling as a natural death.

Before additional reference to the Washington Post piece, how about a dose of Right wing nutjobbery icing laden with what I call "marketing paranoia." Marketing Paranoia simply put is the act of promulgating pure garbage tin-hat oratory to facilitate feeding sycophant listeners and viewers.

On Saturday night, after the announcement of Scalia's death, far-right radio host Alex Jones turned to Facebook to post an "emergency transmission." A Facebook "emergency transmission" ahs to be tantamount to a Soylent Green mega-phone exhortation. The video is 17 plus minutes long, and I do not encourage that level sensory exposure to Jones.  I skipped through the video.

Breaking: Justice Scalia Murdered?
Posted by Alex Jones on Saturday, February 13, 2016

The insanity of it all!

Truenews End Times radio host, Rick Wiles, took the death of Scalia to an even more shameful level: Obama killed Scalia as a "pagan sacrifice!" 

The Daily Beast summed it up best.  Their piece on truthers run amuck is both point on and "full stop."

After observing the rash of far-right demagoguery and utter insanity, the details of Scalia's death is emerging. Beyond his natural causes death, we are reading via The Washington Post, Scalia was on a "who paid" expenses sojourn to a Texas ranch. The trip was apparently funded facilitated by a wealthy Texan, John B. Poindexter, who may have not long ago benefited for the Court's declining to hear a case involving his manufacturing company. Poindexter admits that Scalia did not pay for the trip, but claims he (Poindexter) Also did not pay for the trip: "Scalia was a guest." 

We have read reports in the past of Scalia, Thomas accepting all-expense paid sojourns, so nothing new there. Of course, their excursions seem to violate the basic Canons of Judiciary ethics .  If the nation fails to uphold violations of the Ethics Canons, we should as a minimum stand tall against insane assertions from the Right regarding Obama's complicity in Scalia's death.

These same Tin-Hat preachers send copious amounts of air-time railing about Obama as a weak president. Wouldn't it take more than a nefarious character to involve in a plot to assassinate a Court Justice. Certainly a person too weak to enact fanciful wars overseas wouldn't embark of such a mission. Of course, not; the real shame of these demagogues is their total disregard from their audiences. How is it possible to separate their oratory from that of Hitler's lying Minister of Communications, Joseph Goebbels? 

As was the case with Goebbels, successful oratory is only possible with acceptance from audiences that want to hear what the demagogue preachers. 

The shame of it all!


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