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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump Supporters; An Indication of Conservative America

As I listen to that familiar conservative "rebel yell' USA, USA, USA, I think of the reality of it all. The Daily Kos published a piece that embodies the essence of Trump supporters and their "USA, USA, USA."


The Daily Kos

The GOP: One party, under Trump, with bigotry and intolerance for all

Donald Trump has said so many repugnant things on the campaign trail that recounting them has practically become hackneyed. But new data from YouGuv and Public Policy Polling now confirms what we have known all along: many of his supporters eat it up precisely because they are more likely to be intolerant gay-hating racists than any other bloc of Republican voters. They are young and old, rich and poor, highly educated and less educated, born agains and born fine the first time—and they are united under Trump like no other candidate.
Lynn Vavreck brings us the illuminating data points
Slavery: We miss it!
Nearly 20 percent of Mr. Trump’s voters disagreed with the freeing of slaves in Southern states after the Civil War. Only 5 percent of Mr. Rubio’s voters share this view.
Deporting all undocumented immigrants immediately: Yipee!
Exit poll data from the South Carolina primary revealed that nearly half the Republicans who turned out on Saturday wanted undocumented immigrants to be deported immediately. Donald Trump won 47 percent of those voters.
Barring Muslims from the U.S.: Absolutely!

Voters were asked if they favored temporarily barring Muslims who are not citizens from entering the United States, something Mr. Trump advocates, and 74 percent said they did. He won 41 percent of that group.
Banning gays from the U.S.: Sign us up!
Data from Public Policy Polling show that a third of Mr. Trump’s backers in South Carolina support barring gays and lesbians from entering the country. This is nearly twice the support for this idea (17 percent) among Ted Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s voters and nearly five times the support of John Kasich’s and Ben Carson’s supporters (7 percent).
Japanese internment: Sure, why not?
Similarly, YouGov data reveal that a third of Mr. Trump’s (and Mr. Cruz’s) backers believe that Japanese internment during World War II was a good idea, while roughly 10 percent of Mr. Rubio’s and Mr. Kasich’s supporters do. 
White supremacy: Yep, pretty much.
The P.P.P. poll asked voters if they thought whites were a superior race. Most Republican primary voters in South Carolina — 78 percent — disagreed with this idea (10 percent agreed and 11 percent weren’t sure). But among Mr. Trump’s supporters, only 69 percent disagreed. Mr. Carson’s voters were the most opposed to the notion (99 percent), followed by Mr. Kasich and Mr. Cruz’s supporters at 92 and 89 percent. Mr. Rubio’s backers were close to the average level of disagreement (76 percent).

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