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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bill Clinton's "Legacy"Remarks As Fodder For The Rightnd Bernie Bots

We will start this piece with a couple of critical qualifiers in the form a set of position statements.

First, voting Blue is the only option for people who write for this site. I personally am not enamored with any presidential candidate from either party, but with consideration of acknowledged bias: "I am voting Blue."

The fracturing of the Democrat vote as we look towards the fall elections is both ridiculous and dangerous. The GOP wins elections via subterfuge and manipulation of factors that impact the vote. Once we move away from acknowledged voter suppression from some in the GOP, we are seeing Democrats or progressive fall victim to obvious manipulation from the Left.

A nascent example is efforts by the Right to turn Bill Clinton's early week comments about "eight years of government legacy" into a false narrative about Clinton slamming President Obama. Articles from Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller, The conservative rag Washington Times and Breitbart News are being used by Bernie Sanders supporters to attack Hillary Clinton as a potential candidate for the Democrat Party nomination  The purveyors of such social media manipulation doesn't fall far from conservative manipulation of the facts regarding Bill Clinton's remarks.

Second, the progressive purveyors of such manipulation so underestimate the intellect of most progressives (and liberals) their efforts fall in the realm of nefarious. The splintering of a party which is positioned to accomplish significant gains in November of this year is tantamount to the net-net outcomes of the 2010 mid-term elections. The election that saw a birth of the Tea Party while liberals and progressives stayed home sipping lattes, minorities not voting based on no Obama on the ticket, watching Comedy Central and chuckling at talk shows. On what basis do I assert this point? 

What liberal or progressive in a rational state of mind actually believes Bill Clinton would go pubic slamming a President who is held in high esteem by the vast majority of progressives ? How insane an act would it be to anger and alienate the very voting blocs his wife's will need to win the Presidency? No, it really doesn't take an open-minded genius to recognize conservative media manipulation. It does, however, take a mind that is properly set for discerning information as part of the process of coming to logical conclusions through its grey matter.  

Comments such as Bill Clinton building plausible deniability into this remarks, "his comments will sink her campaign", and various and asunder name calling is so not progressive. Such comments remind of Ron Paul heads who supported a candidate who openly espoused legalizing Heroin or, better yet, remind of listening to AM Radio conservative demagogues. The reality is the issue of Bill Clinton's comments have not manifest in electronic media. Despite the terror attacks in Belgium, rest assured if Clinton's remarks were newsworthy, those remarks would garner new segments.

Crooks And Liars recently published a piece on Clinton remarks that I personal hope is widely read by he captive audiences in "closed: social media groups who become sycophant minions to their group admins and chief purveyors of thought altering posts. 

Crooks And Liars

No, Bill Clinton Did Not Describe The Obama Administration As An 'Awful Legacy'

The video above was first posted by the "GOP War Room" seven hours ago. It purports to show Bill Clinton calling the Obama administration "an awful legacy," but it's just another ratfck by a bunch of ratfckers, who got the right wing echo chamber on it right away, with the help of USAToday. Here's the transcript…

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