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Monday, March 7, 2016

Don Lemon Tripped-up Dem Candidates; Sanders Virtually Disappeared

Racial Blindspots?

During las night's Democrat debate, CNN's Don Lemon asked a question that I personally found inane and inconsequential. The question as posed in the video below was actually stated and re-stated via the debate co-host. While the question seemed almost GOPish, I discovered the manner in which both candidates responded somewhat revealing.

I have listed part of Bernie Sander's response because it is actually the genesis of this piece. Sander has to do better. Yet, I will add Clinton's answer was only marginally better, but without obvious (without a clue) stumble.

Lemon's (double) question.

"I want to ask both of you this question. I appreciate you responding to that question, but I want to ask both of you again. In a speech about policing, the FBI director James Comey borrowed a phrase from the Broadway show Avenue Q, saying, "Everyone is a little bit racist." What racial blind spot do you have? Secretary Clinton, you first."
Sander's answer in part:

Watch the full video of both answers linked here or below:
This is not a piece extolling the virtues of Clinton while criticizing Sanders. It is a personal observation with relevance to the primary campaign and the eventual winner.

Campaigning serves multiple purposes under one all-encompassing umbrella. Win a nomination orGeneral Election via convincing voters and contributions you are the best person as a recipient of their "gifts" (money and vote). First and over-ridding purpose; understood.

An even more basic consideration in the run-up for the final voting is candidate performance on the campaign trial. Watch the childishness and silliness of last week's GOP campaign week to understand this point. The long road to the White House is akin to running a marathon. A challenge that not only involves talent and skills, it requires preparation and in many cases a strong (back-office) team. Sander's via his claims of civil rights protest int he 1960s really should have a more circa 2016 manner of speech regarding issues of ethnicity. 

Yes, of course, he is from 99.9 percent white Vermont. Nonetheless, he is a sitting Democrat US Senator (many terms over) and the language in the one sentence (above) denotes inherent indifference that leads to inappropriate comments. 

Let's take the matter on step further. Ghettos as a staging area for his final solution? 

Since we know Sanders is aware that "poor" is a social economic abyss common across all ethnic groups in the US, we will not comment on the poorly stated sentence.

The salient point is, Sanders not only lives with an effect of a very elderly man (Non-verbals in particular), he at times shows the dangerous state of indifference based in life's experiences. Life in the 1960s is not life since the 19690s. Many so-called revolutionaries, hippies, peaceniks and militants grew to different lives than their lives in the 1960s.

While I am not a strong supporter of either Clinton or Sanders, I will be voting blue in the fall. Yet, I feel it important for Democrats (of which Sanders has recently claimed) must be cognizant of, and properly, equipped with language inherent in most progressives (liberals).

There is one saving grace in the question and debate interchange. No host from US media would dare ask such a question of the GOP candidates...and that is a shame.

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