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Friday, March 11, 2016

Federal Wildlife Refugee Invaders Update: Bundy Family Cannot Accept Their Crimes

A TV writer and producer once wrote. " If you cannot do the time, don't do the crime!"

Mike Victor

The feds are playing hard ball with these terrorists. It's about time.

" The rightwing activists ... are all accused of using “force, intimidation and threats” to conspire against and impede government officials – a federal felony offense that carries a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

"But on Wednesday, prosecutors unveiled a slew of new charges against 19 of the 25 defendants in the case – an indication that the federal government plans to aggressively target the protesters, some of whom could face more than 20 years in prison if convicted of all the offenses."

For their attempts to intimidate, harass, and embarrass the federal government, the ringleaders could spend the rest of their life in prison... a federal prison. 
Oh the irony.

The rightwing activists are all accused of using ‘force, intimidation and threats’ to conspire against and impede government officials – a federal felony offense

Mike Vicor's comments are point-on. But, let';s take the matter a few steps further.

In a major coincidence, Talking Points Memo recently ran a piece regarding the elder Bundy sibling's adjustment to incarceration.
Ammon Bundy via the lessons of his father Cliven Bundy obviously was raised without attention to responsibility. The responsibility that includes acceptance of wrongs, promulgation of that which is right, compliance with the law and use of civil measures to voice grievances. Ammon feels the shooting was not justified even when faced with overwhelming evidence of Finicum's terminal miscalculations. He fled the Oregon State Police (and FBI) detention, attempted to run a road block and exited his vehicle and eventually reaching for a pocket firearm.

We published the following video segments yesterday. The video segments show irrefutable evidence of Finicum's deadly decisions. The second video segment is a full unedited segment and runs a full 29 minutes.

First,  we post an Oregon Live 30 second slow-motion version of Finicum after exiting his truck and as he clearly reached for a weapon in his left pants pocket

The full unedited (except for aircraft identifier redaction) version

We live in a society with law enforcement which will subdue detainees or suspects via any means. Our experiences are such many times their arrest measures appear as heavy-handed and, or abusive. Finicum seemed to have been a current events and media fanatic. He must surely have witnessed the almost weekly cases of cop abuse in black communities. He surely saw the video of the New Mexico cops shoot a mentally challenged man numerous times without life-threatening provocation. What offered Finiucm and his band of anarchist the opportunity to feel they would not be treated similarly? This is especially true after the Bundy's publicly backed down BLM agents within the past two years.

Before we end this piece, know there is much more regarding the US anarchists and their brushes with US law. American News X has compiled a list of charges against the wildlife refuge anarchists.

If my memory serves me, Cliven Bundy was arrested at an airport in Oregon as he journeyed to visited his sons while incarcerated. 

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