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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Oregon Wildlife Refuge Anarchist Get-Away Thwarted (VIDEO)

“You want my blood on your hands?” Finicum asked authorities. “Get a gun.”
When people practice "in-your-face" sedition, they should not flee from a cop road stop and they darned well should not attempt to run a roadblock. The ultimately insanity is fronting off against law enforcement and exiting the vehicle with eventually hand movement towards a pocket; that held a pistol.

The beginning of the downfall of the Oregon wildlife refuge anarchist follows.


‘Go Ahead, Put a Bullet in Me’ — Video Shows Final Moments of Oregon ‘Militia’ Member


“You can go ahead and shoot me!” he told authorities. “Put the laser right there! Put the bullet through the head!”
The siege of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, led byAmmon Bundy, ended with a spate of arrests and the death of one “militia” member, LaVoy Finicum, in a shootout with federal agents. The FBI had previously made available an aerial video of the shootout, but newly released video shot shows the harrowing last m inside the car where Finicum made his final run from authorities
In the video, Finicum and his accomplices, having been pulled over, demand that officials let them through, and debate with each other about whether or not to make a break for it. Finicum repeatedly told authorities that he would rather die than surrender. “You want my blood on your hands?” Finicum asked authorities. “Get a gun.”
Finicum’s fatal confrontation occurs off-camera, but he can clearly be heard shouting, “Go ahead and shoot me!”
Video via The Oregonian.

[h/t Gawker]

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