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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Professional Tennis World Rocked By Confirmed "Doping"

No readers Serena Wiliams hasn't admitted to anything. One of Ms. Williams most celebrated rivals has admitted to years of "doping" with that common response of: "But, I did not know the substance was illegal."

We are publishing about the doping scandal for one reason and one reason only; read on.

After last year's Wimbledon matches and another Serena Williams win, noted conservative talking head David Frum spoke about the tennis champion in a very nefarious manner. 

In July 2015, Think Progress posted a piece related to Frum's attack. We have copied the TP link here but know the thread contains language that most would consider disgusting and language (in other forms) that seem to have made it to the current GOP Primary campaigns (among two candidates).

Frum expanded on his suspicions in a series of tweets he later deleted, claiming they were intended to be “a private Twitter conversation with a friend.” In his deleted tweets, Frum compared Serena to admitted dopers in other sports like Mark McGwire and Lance Armstrong.
For those who did not click and view the tweets, you saved yourself a bit of time and you avoided an x-rated tweet (from someone in the thread).  We have posted the essence of the piece here.

Frum, a former adviser to George W. Bush who is now the Senior Editor of The Atlantic, strongly suggested that Williams was on steroids based on her physical appearance:

The Think Progress piece included a quote from a medical professional regarding the prospect of Williams on steroids. The comments relegated Frum's garbage comments to the of gutter trash with a purpose.

While Ms. Williams went on to lose her quest for a record Grand Slam, Frum's reaction to the the winning "grand priaze" Wimbleton was particularly noteworthy. Why slam Serena Williams? Could Frum have fallen to revealing signs of bias against the American champion for reason most would not like to cosinier: race?  Was he suffering from a major case of body envy? I suspect the aforementioned, and I suspect such for the same reason many whites take to social media to slam Williams after each major tournament win.  

As this week's news of the female professional tennis 'great Russian queen's, Sharapova, performance enhancing substances came to light, I have yet to hear or read any comments from Frum.  

The Daily Mail. UK Maria-Sharapova-announces-failed-drug-test-Australian-Open-testing-psotive-Meldonium

Would someone ask David Frum to please comment?

People like Frum validate my every core basis for total disdain for American conservatives. 

There is only one reason Frum attacked the American champion.  Is it possible he would have been much more pleased had a non-American won at Wimbleton? The questiosn is rhetorical, I already have the answer.

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