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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Susan Sarandon, Chris Hayes.....What?

Her record is disastrous. Judgment and credibility is an admirable trait. Some just do not have those traits.

We try hard to avoid the Clinton Vs Sanders social media battles.  However, from time to time we will call out insane manifestations of ridiculousness. And example is Hillary Clinton's considering another debate only if Sanders tones-down.  Why not just say no verses commenting as if on the GOP campaign trail?

It is impossible however to ignore the too often cases of a surrogate, or pundit appearances on behalf of candidates.  Bill Clinton certainly should have considered reading from notes as he addressed GOP obstruction over the past seven years : "seven-year legacy."  But, we have to honestly state Bernie supporters, in some cases, remind of an intoxicated libertarian. Rapper Killer Mike's "uterus" comments come to mind. Yet, to date, I have not witnessed anything like last night's MSNBC's All-In appearance of Susan Sarandon.  

Has Sarandon has gone nuts. I wonder if she asked to go on the show or did Haye's crew actually invite her. She seemed dense and reminded of a Libertarian in a law library (as sick as they can get when faced with the law) or a Bundy anarchist in a wildlife refuge. Actually, she should consider grabbing Thelma, secure a convertible, and locate a cliff.

Credibility ruined.--Dave.

If Bernie Sanders fails to get the Democratic nomination, Susan Sarandon isn’t sure she’ll vote for Hillary Clinton. She even said Monday that Trump could be the…

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