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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Cesspool Of Donald Trump

Why are women a foundation for Donald Trump's sleaze?

Trumps most visible CNN spokesperson shows the level of her intellectual capacity.  As you read over the following, consider the extent to which the spokesperson reminds of Sarah Palin.

Katrina Pierson 
Cruz should denounce his SuperPAC for attack on@realDonaldTrump wife. Attacked her because she's a beautiful & successful entanpanuer. Sick


Katrina Pierson is the ultimate Trump surrogate talking head. Pierson has a personal history which should disqualify her aas a public campaign trumpeter for Trump. If yo visit the Alternet link be aware that Pierson 1997 arrest was the result of shoplifting  with her son in tow.

Now for a bit of Trumpism from one of his son'' and a visit to America's most disgusting early morning talk show. Yes, Fox & Friends supersedes MSNBCs Morning Joe as a conservative propaganda platform. The only difference: Fox & Friends appeals to over-the-top Fox News tin-foil heads. 
Bob Cesca published a related piece for Salon that has been re-published on Huffington Post Politics. In the word of conservative America, life in the United States commenced on January 20, 2009. Apparently, US History doesn't predate the inauguration of Barack Obama as the nation's 44th President. Cesca and other writers cannot find a president across the decades and presidents who managed crisis periods quite like Ronald Reagan. Cesca's Huffington Post piece with the stark reality of GOP and conservative hypocrisy. 

As we move through various reports of Donald Trump's support from American racists, we cannot avoid taking a shot at US media. Questions, why does highly compensated media "darlings" (eg., Anderson Cooper) offer a platform to Trumps wife and ask if her husband is racist?  Is there an actual expectation she would admit her husband's biases even if he whispered them to her over coffee on any given day?  Why even ask? If Trump's wife heard her husband use the "N" word she would never go on public television and admit such. She darned well would not speak about Trump's potential racism during a presidential primary campaign? 

What price ratings CNN?

Alas, an update on the GOP Trump Vs Cruz 'wife wars'.  American conservatism is fizzling into a cauldron of pure manure. Notice The GOP's leading presidential candidate is continuing to retweet Twitter posts which should have been ignored, especially by anyone who seeks the nation's highest office.

If the improbable happens and Donald Trump wins the US Presidency, how successful do you feel the Secret Service will be in extricating the Manhattan clown from his twitter account? 

Thye national mind would think Trump and his handlers would corral their spokespeople and run them through a "How to Represent A Potential President Workshop."  If, by chance, you believe my suggestion is a failed effort to be facetious, watch the following interchange which ran live on CNN.

The National (friggin) Enquirer?

What has the GOP come to?  Is the party reaping major karma for decades of working its way into political sleaze while waving a moniker of "moral values."  Has the party's dirty trick politics and subservience to all things uber wealthy led to the nomination of a Manhattan celebrity who has been known for this:

Or this:

It appears Trump and his surrogates are seriously turning the nation into a cesspool of reality TV.  I am reminded of a segment of the Jerry Springer show.

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