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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Donald Trump's Foreign Policy (Reality TV Fodder)

During the course of last week, Donald Trump sat through an interview with the Washington Post Editorial Board. The 100-minute interview is being both touted and lauded as the longest interview ever. I ask: Is that a surprise to anyone? Hasn't Trump's words bloviating emerged as the flavor of this year's GOP primary campaign?  

Have you ever heard of the old axiom: "Fake it to make it?"  If Trump any gifts (beyond his money) he has learend over time the art of the lie. He has learned how to manipuate, twist and rearrange communication for full affect in the minds of many who are inclined to sycophancy. P.T. Barnum borrowed a phrase from an adversary David Hannum. The phrase is best worn by Trump and the phrase embodies his comprehensive being.

"There is a sucker born every minute."

While Trump has used white America's fear of a changing society to grab and hold large swaths of GOP voters, the real demagogue showed in the Washington Post interview.

Trump doesn't have a clue about US foreign policy and it is obvious he either listens to no sane advisers, or he has no sane advisers. 

We offer the embodiment of Trump via links to his interview and a segment from this past weekend's Meet The Press.

Trump New York Times interview highlights

Trump New York Times interview full transcript

NBC News Meet The Press comments about Trump Washignton Post Editorial Board interview.

MTP on Trump's Twilight Zone Foreign Policy.

MTP longer version from Real Politics.


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