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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

TPI Quick Hit: Trump's Goons Escort Black Students From The Arena

How shameful! 

And, to think these kids (students) may have planned a gotcha against Trump and his (Secret Service) goons. By kicking them out without cause, the act adds credence to the perception of Trump and company comparable to Hitler and company in the mid-1930s. 
From this point, the world changed.

The mass escort of 30 black students without question speaks to Trump's bigotry and manifest racism.

Aren't Secret Service agents paid via US tax dollars? If so, how can any candidate order such agents to selectively practice deprivation of potential free speech and rights to gather? 

 The New York Post

30 black students were kicked out of a Trump rally at Valdosta State University for standing silently on the bleachers before Donald Trump even made an appearance.

More from Mediaite

Brown Shirt Gestapoism

Video from a previous Trump event the perpetrator Secret Service agent should have been disciplined.
Why don't we see such acts at Democrat events? 

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