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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Trump University Lingers

Trump Univesity anyone?

trump university ad

Do you recall as a kid your first visit to the carnival without your parents? You entered the carnival as happy as a six-year-old with two Ice Cream cones loaded with both Strawberry and Banana Ice Cream. Life was good as you entered the carnival.

After avoiding the rip-off shot the basketball or throw the balls in the basket money sieve, you heard a voice. "Cone one come all", "Come one, come all for the greatest show on Earth." As you approached the character charged with and paid to bark as loud as possible while serving as a magnet for the unsuspecting.  The signage around the barker was loaded with images of freaks of nature, (eg. Snake woman, the Abominable Boy full of hair, two heads on one man, the Unicorn): as such. (add volume)

You gleefully join your friends in line, pay your for entry and enter the musty tent. After five minutes you realize the exhibition if not as it was portrayed; in fact, the object of the exhibit is clearly fake (or a mishap of nature what you really should not consider a zoo object). You exit the tent seeking the barker with what you know is a futile request, but you in your total gullible naivety want to ask for your money back. Life hits you square across the face and brain; the barker is gone. He will not be found until you pay for re-entry the following day. Of course, you will not approach the carnival barker days later as you have assimilated to the rip-off. You are no longer angry, but you after the fact learned a hard lesson.

You may have fallen for this from the nation's number one carnival barker if you managed to work through the previous childhood imagery and as you grew older didn't manage to shed the tendency to become a "sucker born every minute", and if you idolize people who have attained wealthy,

Did you fall for this from the Manhatten barker?

You Tube 2009

Since, circa 2010, Trump University has come under scrutiny as a con game or bait and switch scheme. Many people bit the hook and (figurative) paid their money to enter the tent.

As of last week, one of Trump's primary campaign opponents took to Twitter with a humorous depiction of the Trump University bait and switch. While Cruz took to Twitter, Rubio walked through a masterful insertion of the Trump rip-off during a GOP debate.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, took a much more soft approach to Trumps rip-off, and it may cost him primary votes.

Get your own  certificate of deception here — 

CBS News
"We have a 98 percent approval rating, we have an A from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and people like it," Trump said at the GOP primary debate Thursday., however, pointed out that in a deposition, a top school executive admitted that no, "none of the instructors" had been chosen by Trump. 
In reality, the school, which is currently facing a class action lawsuit of 5,000 people who say they were scammed, has received several ratings from the consumer interests organization. 
According to a PolitiFact investigation, the BBB had given Trump's school ratings ranging from an A+ to D-. But the most recent rating recorded, in 2010, was a "D-" rating.

CNN published a brief, yet detailed piece regarding the Trump flim-flam via its CNNMoney website.

Additionally, as is often the case with conservative politicians, they make wild claims without regard from technology which includes video, audio, and written archives. There is always a record. Trump's debate stage "barking" includes claims of Better Business Bureau ratings of "A " for his bait and switch operation.  Watch as Trump battled with Fox News's Megyn Kelly while Rubio gleefully watched the interaction.

The essence of the BBB ratings issues centered around Trumps "university" as a for-profit non-accredited enterprise. It received one of the BBB's poorest ratings. After Trump came under bait and switch scrutiny, the "university" was renamed to Enterprise Institution (or something akin to that title)

Watch as Kelly clarified her post-debate kerfuffle with Trump.

No matter the carnival barking twist and wiggles from Trump, his bait and switch operation was a fraudulent business endeavor that has led to thousands of disgruntled plaintiffs.


While millions are buying the Trump carnival tent, it seems the number of Trumpugs in Hawaii appears small.

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