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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump/Duke; Duke/Trump

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Watch as a Newsmax host takes the trash out. 

David Duke is capitalizing on affiliation with the GOP's leading 2016 presidential campaign candidate. Why not, Sarah Palin did same. Hermann Cain garnered a radio show from his carnival campaign in 2011. Chris Christie obviously has ambitions that include Trump as he forsakes his New Jersey governorship for the Trump campaign trail. Why should the nation's number one racist leverage the very path to Trump the candidate himself laid bare?

Watch the segment as the Newsmax host, Steve Malzberg, wasn't able to complete his introduction before the racist Duke commenced to yell and rant. As is the case with any conservative who wished to deflect from conservative Americans underlayment of bigotry and racism. They reach back to olden days when the KKK was, in fact, the offspring of the southern Democrat Party. Duke didn't fail in showing an over-sensitivity to parts of his past life.

Duke chose the late Robert Byrd and his pre-US Congress life that included a period as a Grand Dragon of a regional chapter of the KKK. Since Malzberg introduced Duke,
I personally fail to understand the relevance of his attempt to deflect. He served long and well as the Grand Dragon of the US Ku Klux Klan. He is in fact, a white supremacist, and he supports Donald Trump.

As I view the beginning of the segment, I thought back to other conservatives who join non-conservative TV host and attempt to deploy a Gish Gallop debate/interview technique. Basically, the strategy involves throwing reams of crap at the host or opponent the interviewer is thrown into a stupor.  Mitt Romney successfully deployed the strategy against Barack Obama in their first 2012 Presidential debate. Duke seemed focused on putting Malzberg back on his heels.

David Duke really lost it during an interview today with Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg. Malzberg couldn’t even get through the intro before Duke started shouting at and objecting to what he was saying. 
He angrily ranted about how he’s referred to as an ex-KKK grand wizard when the late Democratic senator Robert Byrd was not afforded the same courtesy. Malzberg brought up his various issues with Jews and blacks before reminding Duke repeatedly that he actually was an ex-KKK grand wizard.
Duke ranted about the “controlled media” as Malzberg tried to move onto Donald Trump. Duke shouted “Let me finish, please!” to which Malzberg shot back, “I can’t play by your rules! I don’t want to waste time on this!” 
Duke cried, “We don’t have to do the interview and I’ll just play this tape of what’s happening today to my people!”

What you just witnessed is proof positive of why media should avoid giving a platform to white supremacists? He "galloped" through three-quarters of the interview while pushing the show host into a quiet corner begging for proper use of his own air time.

Did you notice Malzberz lost over half his interviews on a David Duke rant before an opportunity to ask about David Duke and his policial hero Donald Trump?

Do you need additional validation of the TRUMP White supremacist factor?

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