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Friday, March 18, 2016

Trump's KKK Voting Bloc


On March 2nd, a concerned Jewish citizen who's life includes young years in Austria during the days of Adolf Hitler, sent a letter to the Boston Globe.

The letter writer wrote to lament the growing reality of white supremacists who are associating their disgust and vile lifestyles with Donald Trump.  

The Boston Globe
"I AM an Austrian refugee from the time of Hitler who has been a US citizen for more than 70 years. I have found some alarming rhetoric coming from Donald Trump that is apparently finding approval from large numbers of my fellow Americans. With Trump’s rather ambiguous response concerning his disavowal of the support of former Klansman David Duke, I have reached my breaking point (“Trump wavers on disavowing ex-KKK member,” Page A2, Feb. 29). 
We all know the opinions and actions the Ku Klux Klan stands for. Among the fellow Americans the KKK has sought out for its venom are American Jews. Trump’s failure to immediately repudiate Duke chilled my blood."
The Globe piece includes verbiage of a postmarked threat against the letter writer and clear demonstration of origins in white supremacy. If you navigate to the piece, you will read about a key voting bloc for Donald Trump: white supremacists.

Yesterday, we published a piece related to a Public Broadcasting System (PBS) report on a family of Donald Trump supporters. On closer scrutiny than scrutiny from PBS. The family appears to have deep commitments to Nazism.

MSNBC Chris Hayes
Trump's Tar Heel White Supremacists

Today we ran across yet another media blitz. David Duke, former Grand Dragon of the US Ku Klux Klan, is garnering significant media attention via Donald Trump's ascension in US Politics. Threats to the elderly concerned citizens isn't a surprise from racists who support Donald Trump. An actual surprise is the extent to which many Americans (predominately white Americans) are also assimilating to the Trump carnival.

Media Matters

Trump's campaign has received support from numerous white nationalist groups and leaders who have used his campaign to fundraise and spread their message.

US conservativism has finally birthed its infancy of horrors!

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