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Friday, March 25, 2016

Who Is The Trump Presser (Almost) Interloper?

Real, Entertainment or Reality performance? 

When you saw the following spectacle, did you wonder, as did I, if it was a form of setup? Did you envision a reality show performance?  

trump alicia watkins

We are not asserting the setup was from the Trump camp. We are suggesting the reality show setup was the work of someone associated with the press conference, and that someone could have been the apparent opportunist who was invited to  the stage. One key question, how did the apparent non-journalist secure a press pass? If she was a "real' journalist how did her employer react to her obvious attempt to secure other employment? 

It seems the questioner is a "freelance" logger!  Really?

Check this out.

Pretty and black woman garners a stage appearance in the Trump reality show

It didn't take media long to dig into what appeared as a setup interaction. Three sources, CNN Money, The Daily Mail.UK and The Washington Post, have offered details related to the adventurous and opportunist who appeared at the press conference. 

Let's visit witn CNN Money first. 

The Washington Post

The reaity show continues. Do you think Trump would have invited a male questioner to the stage? Why is it when it comes to Trump, we seem to also find reality show-like entertainment?

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