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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Your GOP: Trumpmania And White Nationalism

Media Matters For America and an MSNBC take on Trump rally abuse of a woman protester.

The utter shame of it all. 

It is important for you to visit the Media Matters link for details related to the abuse and one of its nationally known perpetrators Matt Heimbach, Heimbach is an unapologetic white supremacist and neo-Nazi.

Heimbach and confederate friends
Heimbach and cohort the former Andrew Breitbart

CHRIS HAYES (HOST): Perhaps the most disturbing theme of the 2016 election so far has been the incidents of violence and verbal abuse hurled in the direction of protesters at Donald Trump rallies. Over and over again, with increasing frequency, over the past several months, often seemingly encouraged at the podium by Trump himself, these incidents are happening against the backdrop of two other equally disturbing phenomena: A growing list of avowed white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and white nationalists, who have thrown their support behind Donald Trump; and Trump's direct flirtation with white supremacists like David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan. 
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Trump has recently publicly issued disavowal statements regarding David Duke and white supremacists. Words can be used to mislead, actions tell the true story. Trumps rallies are infested with Americans who embrace white supremacy as surely as Trump's University is a shame.

Why not embrace the Pat Buchanan philosophy and oratory of white nationalism and supremacy at all cost.

The Media Matters piece also includes the following as a reminder to you Jewish people and decent Americans who recall history and its wretched white supremacist and anti-Semites.
"A leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party, last October he tweeted "Guess what, Jews, we're back" with a picture of him standing outside of the Holocaust museum. 
Your GOP! 

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