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Friday, April 8, 2016

Ben Carson Manifests "YOUR GOP"

Screen Grab via CNN

I believe there is a "Golden Rule" that reads, "Do unto others as your would have them do unto you."  I am not certain if that rule has a similar read in the Christian Bible (any version), but the words seem to denote a thought of civility, doing he right thing, and fairness.  

As we move through the current political season, I find it amazing the extent to which politicians are showing utter avoidance of the high-road proverb. The manifestation of towards and acts which would ordinarily garner condemnation from some are being accepted with an eye towards political expedience.

We will skip through the daily manifestation of Donald Trump's carnival barking with all requisite lies, to an associated incident that recently led to another case of cognitive flatulence from Ben Carson. 

CNN's Berman and Boudain sat with Ben Carson (via remote camera) for a discussion of the reality of Trump with a particular focus on Trump's campaign manager's manhandling a female report, Breitbart's Michelle fields.

Lewandowski allegedly grabbed Breitbart's Michelle Fields.

Imagine those bruises on Trump's wife. How about the same extent of bruising on Ben Carson's. Let's drill down a bit. How about such bruises from a manhandling Brownshirt thug shielding a reporter (your wife or daughter) from his Fuehrer. 

Watch as Ben Carson again illustrates his all too frequent tendency to show he is incapable of cogent and relevant thought. A thought is one thing when people such as Carson suffer mental constipation accompanied by oral diarrhea, we should thank the heavens they are not prime candidates to lead the nation.

The world according to the GOP

Personally, I so tire of reading and hearing Republicans tell us what is wrong with American. It seems since the days of Eisenhower, the GOP is the primary wrong in the United States. 

Your GOP, GOP 2016....and your are primed for more.

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