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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Obama's Developing Legacy

Imagine the nation's 44th President serving eight full years we hadn't suffered through the eight previous years of George W. Bush. Imagine a United States without the economic death of Trickle-down/supply side economics, and without a sub-prime bubble burst. How about the United States without a 43rd President,George W. Bush and his phony wars? Let's take Bush a step further. Imagine the US economy without Bush's wars and his ill-advised tax cuts.

Moreover, imagine the United States without George W. Bush and the reality of incompetent GOP economic policy and practice. 

Doesn't our musical history include a beautiful and poignant rendition of a song called Imagine?

Crookd and Liars on the OBama Legacy

Obama's Legacy: A Great Man & Good President In Bad Times

There have been times over the last seven years when the hope-and-change mantra that propelled Barack Hussein Obama to the presidency seemed like a cruel fiction. Yet despite taking the reins of a war-weary nation in the midst of an economic calamity and having to endure the unrelenting enmity of an obdurate opposition party, Obama has…

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