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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: US Currency As Fodder For US Racists

Some in conseravtive America are throwing anticpated and customary hissy-fits about the US Treasury decisions to modify the $20 bill currency via removal of Andrew Jackson's image.  The image on the front of the currency will be that of former slave and Under Ground Railroad heroin and anti-slavery activist Harriett Tubman.

Need I spend more time in introduction of the extent to which some on the Right are crying foul?

Let's start our traipse through American racism, bigotry, and conservatism, with a short video regarding the currency change.

Since Donald Trump has metastasized into the leading figure of conservative America, let's visit with his reaction to the change. Mediaite.

US Uncut with a brief look at America's racists. On the positive side these people do not deny their racism and bigotry. No one qualified their remarks with false claims of "I am not a racist." One very "Aryan: looking racist decried Tubman as "she's ugly." Yet, another located an image of a tribesman and declared all blaccs would live as such had white knights not rescued them from such a life. Of course, a life of human bondage, human chattel and life-long servitude was preferable to living free (if you ar a racist) as a human being.

Conservatives took to Twitter to spew their rage, and we’ve documented some of the more egregious statements here. The decision by the US Treasury has been an undeniable victory in the fight against racism and sexism, but this collection proves there’s still a long way to go.

So as the USA becomes a 3rd world shithole, the $20 bill goes ghetto
replace man who hated banks with commie slave stealer on cotton banknote seven layer dip of irony
 After Harriet Tubman- let's put this guy on a bill 2 show how blacks would still b living if whitey never came along

Lord Humungus 

Removing a white from $20 bill to replace with a mudskin is an act of . Wake up, white man.

Harriet Tubman on a bill This is why no one carries cash anymore.
Removing white man (Jackson) from $20 to replace with ugly is orchestrated . They want all white symbols removed.

they want ppl to feel shame every time they take money out of their pockets. It's disgusting

on the $20 is clearly a conspiracy to force a cashless society. Race aside, she's ugly

Harriet Tubman should have been on the $20 Food Stamp.

Seriously, is so ugly it's painful to look at her.

A representative look at the heart of American racism; and it is ugly.

No post about US racism and bigotry would be complete without a nascent set of broadcast segments from Fox News: Americans resident conservive communications vehicle. The network is an international purveyor of BBR (bias, bigotry and racism).
Greta Van Sustren: "Stupid Obama?" 

Fox & Friends's Steve Doocy also pursued the Fox News position on the currency change.

YOUR GOP and Your conservative America!

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