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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trump Is Not A Racist; Yet He Is Adored By Racists

...And he plays with Fire!

White supremacists are as prevalent as any "run-of-the-mill" home-grown or jihadist terrorist. They occupy almost every fabric of American society and are manifesting on an international basis like weeds in an open field.

Herewith are a couple of examples:

Anders Breivik (alleged Christian)

Cliven Bundy (notorious tax evaders, anarchist, and racist)
"..let me tell you about the Negra."

Of course, you are not a sympathizer and certainly not a supporter of such garbage and low life human beings.  Yet, you might find a fissure of such garbage in the current GOP political primaries.

If you look and listen very carefully,  America's white supremacist have what some would call a "white knight" in Donald J. Trump. Despite Trump's occasional surrounding himself with African-American pawns, he is far more a hero of far right racially charged haters and white nationalists. 

The misogynist racist in the red cap was reported to be no other than Matthew Heimbach White Student Union founder, at a Trump rally.  The black (woman) protester was called a "nigger", "coon", and a "cunt."

Donald Trump has never publicly relished support from many white supremacist groups. He has at times, responded to the affiliate jargon of David Duke, with perfunctory comments like: "I don't need their support."  He hasn't yet gone speech platform overt in repudiating his racist followers and supporters.

In fact, Trumps addiction to late night Twitter worship often leads to re-tweets of tweets from Whtie Supremacist. 

Trump's latest episode of "pass on the racism"  (via Twitter) was published in Talking Points Memo. Before the TPM except, checkout a tidbit of a Twitter thread via Trump's latest tweet originator. 

  1. "But my spirit will rise from the grave and the world shall know that I was right." A. Hitler TY ->


    Donald Trump Can't Stop Retweeting White Supremacist Twitter Accounts

    Trump has for months elevated tweets from racist Twitter accounts to his more than seven million followers, but Tuesday night's retweet was the latest of his at least half-dozen times engaging with white supremacist accounts.
    @keksec__org's bio currently reads: "#keksec, Capitalist/Neo-Boer, Author, Journalist, #RWDS member. Against all Anglos." The account, which also frequently posts photos of women with the hashtag #WhiteGirlsAreMagic, had more than 54,000 followers.
Read more at TPM, here.

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