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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump's Mouth, Trump's Sexism, Trumps Foreign Policy

Let's take a run through the fallacy and ubiquitous world of Donald Trump.  If you are a Trump worshipper, fan or as a minimum political supporter you may not like what follows. Your hero has issues. You know it, I know it, the world knows it, yet you and millions persevere when the shameful writing is on a huge wall.  Speaking of a wall, wonder how long will it take from Trump to back down on his lie about building a wall on the southern border and rounding up millions if undocumented people. Trump rhetoric rivals any European dictator from the mid-1930s.

Let's start with Trump's stunning comments about Hillary's alleged only support from women, because she is a woman.

Before the first video, how about an image of Chris Christe's wife as Trump finished up his sexist remarks.  


The first video embed relates to Trump mantra of Hillary as a shouting feign. Joe Scarborough took up the overnight memo and follwes suit. 

Watch part of Trump's interview on "Morning Joe" via MSNBC:

Apparently, the GOP's leading MSNBC promoter and spokesperson, Joe Scarborough, worked with his early morning producers at offering Morning Joe viewers a dose of anti-HillaryClinton malarkey. Hillary's was replete with "shouting!" Shouting? If Clinton spoke as softly as corporate America forces behavior on women managers, she would have little opportunity to avoided criticism of appearing too soft-spoken. It isn't surprising Trump and Scarborough labeled Clinton as so often male corporate managers and employees label women managers who speak frankly, unabashedly and with any degree of professional aggressiveness: "She is a bitch!"

Scarborough channels Trump: Hillary shouted.

Earlier today Trump was offered one an unusual amount of airtime on cable news networks for what amounted to a cost-free advertisement. The uber wealthy bloviator and GOP party 2016 campaign leader (minutes additional and more accurate disparaging characterizations) spoke on foreign policy.  

While I followed my instincts and practice of abstaining from exposing my gray matter to the bloviator, some listened and watched with the thought of critical review. One such critic is CNN'S  Fareed Zakaria. Mediaite's report on Zakaria's comments follows.
“It was sort of rambling to the point of being incoherent. I mean, he contradicted himself several times,” he said. 

He proceeded to list off the many contradictions in Trump’s speech:
He said we’re going to get out of nation-building, but we’re going to create stability. Well, how do you do that? You get out of nation building in Afghanistan, you get more instability. You got out of nation-building in Iraq, you got more instability. He said the allies can rely on us but we will be completely unpredictable. He said we will spend what it takes to rebuild the military, but we’re going to pay down the debt. We’re going to spread Western civilization, but we’re not going to spread democracy.
If you wish to dull-down your gray matter while simultaneously exposing yourself to the natiosn's number one political charlatan, we offer a You Tube  full-event video.

You Tube
Full Event: Donald Trump Speaks on Foreign Policy in Washington, DC

Donald Trump the P Barnum of the 21st Century!

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