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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Voter ID, Voter Suppression and "YOUR GOP"

Are you a college student? Are you an African American who votes in state and federal elections and you live in a state did has no history of requiring a formal State issued ID to vote?  Are you an elderly person who has for many years used a form of Identification the GOP has deemed unacceptable as integral to its strategy to win elections? Let's add a bit of inertia to that last scenario. Are you a veteran who served in US wars prior to the Viet Nam War? If you are an elderly veteran the next critical question is: "Do you live in a state in which the GOP has a sitting governor and predominate GOP legislature. A state which the aforementioned political operatives  have enacted voter ID laws?"

The GOP and Koch brother's model governor presides over one such state: The State of Wisconsin.

Watch as MSNBC's Chris Hayes starts a segment with the Wisconsin governor laying out his state's voter suppression to the propagandist crew of Fox New's Fox & Friends. While the segment was a brief introduction to a more relevant segment from Hayes, I will wager no one sitting on the Fox News couch asked Walker about the fact voter fraud is almost as infrequent winning the lotto. 

Before the video, take in a quote from Wisconsin state Representative, Pocan:

"First, we need to accept the fact that in-person voter fraud by impersonation is virtually non-existent, with only 10 cases proven nationally out of 1 billion ballots cast since 2000," Pocan, who opposes Wisconsin’s newly reinstated photo ID law, wrote in the March 7, 2016 post.
"Let’s put it this way, more people are struck by lightning than commit in-person voter fraud."
Well, I prefer the lotto analogy.

Chris Hayes, All In, and an admission for a GOP political insider of the extent to which "YOUR GOP" is non-constitutional, manipulative and outright third-world in the manner in which it views the right to vote.

If you are secure in your conservatism, satisfied with a political party that would deny voting rights, and not a member of the voting blocs delineated in the lede paragraph above, you won't give a damn about the Politifact article linked here.

"More people are struck by lightning than commit in-person voter fraud" by impersonation.
— Mark Pocan on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 in a blog post

Of course, voter suppression may not stand as a barrier that deprives your of an American right; thus it is a lesser issue. Yes, and it will remain a lesser issue until a win in the Fall 2016 GOP General Election hands the GOP the US economy (and the US military).

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