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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

President Obama's Daughter Malia; The Object Of American Racism

Late last week the nation's 44th President announced his oldest daughter Malia has been accepted will attend Harvard.The reports also included to bits of information worth mentioning before we move to how some in America reacted to the news. First, Harvard is reported to have only accepted 5.2% of applicants over the course of the year. Second Malia Obama will sit out a year before transitioning from high school to Harvard. 

Let's take a quick look and read of the state of America. Yes, you and I both can recall a time when such behavior was deemed unacceptable. I posit the period also included early days of social media the proliferation of overt racism has evolved and conservative politics is its fertilizer.

AddictingInfo reports:

Malia decided on Harvard after visiting at least a dozen colleges, ultimately deciding to attend the school where her father earned his degree. 
Before she does this, she will take a year off school like many young people choose to do before going to college. 
There’s nothing controversial about this at all. 
She did nothing wrong, but if you were to judge from the comments that flooded the website soon after the article went up, you would think she performed an abortion while marrying two undocumented immigrants inside a church while taking the congregants’ guns and stomping on a flag. 
Readers called her a “n*gger,” a “monkey,” an “ape,” and made it very clear that her skin color is something they consider important in determining her worth as a human being.
Bossip reports on even more racists remarks




Racist commenters attack Malia Obama after news of her going to Harvard news malia haters comments2
Commenters allegedly on the conservative Fox News site used the "n-word" to describe 17-year-old Malia Obama. No racial epithet seemed to be spared and one commenter even wished that she'd get cancer or AIDS "or one of those colored diseases." The more civil comments — if you can refer to it as that — called her attendance an example of "black privilege" and "affirmative action." Fox News did work to remove many of the posts and disabled commenting on the page but not before the examples of their users' hate reached the rest of the internet.
Racist commenters attack Malia Obama after news of her going to Harvard news malia haters2

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