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Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Butler Knows! Trumps's Former Butler Joins The Fray With Double Barreled Disgust And Racism

Trump's week actually topped previous weeks and months if we consider the inner psyche and inner core of some things Trump.

MSNBC's Chris Matthews hosted a panel on Friday with a well-developed summary of Trump (The Real Person). 

The following segment is over 11 minutes in duration, but anyone who truly values the state of the nation should consider the minutes time well spent.

The Matthews segment only touched into the Trump (former) butler matter.  If the rational person reads his words, the lee ad scope of personal disgust from a Trump inside is overwhelming.

Trump butler thinks Obama should be ‘hung’

 .....a phone interview with NBC News, Senecal stood by his remarks in the Facebook post and went even further, saying the president’s children were “rent-a-kids” because he felt they didn’t look sufficiently like their parents, and that Muslims should be shot or bombed in the U.S. 
“There’s more than some issues with [President Obama] — he’s a goddamn traitor, T-R-A-I-T-O-R,” Senecal said. “I think he should be hung. I think he should be hung next to Hillary Clinton, and I think it should be public, I think it should be televised.” 
He added: “I think it ought to be done from the portico of the White Mosque – it used to be the White House.” 
Senecal said “it’s a good possibility” that President Obama is a Muslim, and “I know he was” born in Kenya, though he admitted he can’t prove it. 
Of the Obama’s children, Senecal said he felt they may not actually be related to the president and his wife because, “first of all, they don’t even look like him. There’s no notification of their birth. I haven’t seen a baby picture yet.”

Your GOP! 

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