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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumpism-The Vulgar, The White Supremacist Hero, The Disgusting, The Idiocy (Via Sarah Palin)

From our friends at

Now that Donald Trump has been ordained the "presumptive" GOP nominee for the 2016 General Elections, it si time for a quick peep (many to come) of Trumpism.

We will use embed from Facebook, to remind you of Trump as the showman, the bigot, and the charlatan.

Trump "The Vulgar"

Trump "The White Supremacist hero"

An expert view and critical media analysis with Trump misogyny as a backdrop.

A conservatives view of their nascent party leader.

The insane WWE like-presence of Trump and His henchmen/women and hit people.  People can not lower themselves much lower in any gutter.

The Disgusting

Ted Cruz father in cohoots with Lee Harcv ey Oswald?

The Idiosy

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