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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump Claims Women Do Not Like HiIlary Clinton


Allow the following Fox News graphic to sink in a bit and then proceed on.  Trump has gone public with comments  indicating women do not like Hillary Clinton.  


Once done with the graphic, let's visit with a Potlifact piece regarding Trump's oratory regarding Hillary Clinton as a candidate who deposit; fare well with women.  Why do people allow, and support Trump's frequently pathological lying. If you believe Trump and support his candidacy, you are an existential threat to the United States of America; you are an enabler.

His comment about women disliking Hillary Clinton is yet another of this false claims that have been admitted by a campaign staffer at a private GOP meeting. 


Pants on Fire!
Trump "Frankly, (Hillary Clinton) doesn’t do very well with women."
— Donald Trump on Monday, May 2nd, 2016 in an interview on CNN's "New Day"

Donald Trump wrong that Hillary Clinton 'doesn’t do very well with women'

Trump's personal form of misogyny!

During a May 2 interview on CNN’s New Day, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump doubled down on his charge that his potential Democratic rival in November, Hillary Clinton, is playing the "woman card."

"She's playing the woman card," Trump told host Chris Cuomo. "And if she didn't play the woman card, she would have no chance whatsoever of winning." 
Trump went on to say that Clinton’s standing among female voters in particular is nothing to write home about. 
"Frankly, (Hillary Clinton) doesn’t do very well with women," Trump said. "If you look at what happened recently, … in the last two weeks, including New York. I won with women by vast, vast majorities. I was way, way up with women far above anybody else in the exit polls of the recent election."

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All Trump has to do is say it and millions react as ordained by the commonly accepted misidentified quote attributed to PT Barnum.  "There is a sucker is born every minute."

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