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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump Surrogate Exposed

After a few days of home computer failures. I thought decided come back for a bit with a 20-minute video segment that will go down in US History. 

After Donald Trump's conference call a few days ago, it has become obvious he plans to utilize mindless money grabbing surrogates to advance his personal brand to rally white people towards a GOP vote in 2016.

The backdrop of what follows is Trumps recent comments about the ancestry of a noted California federal judge. A judge charged with presiding over Donald Trump's Trump University legal cases. Trump, as you know boldly referred to the judge as impartial based on his "Mexican" ancestry.

Trump's second most ridiculous national surrogate behind the totally dimiwtted and shady character, Karitne Pierson, attempted to tow the line with the new strategy: double down on the judge without regard to Trump's over-the-top racism. In more simple terms, do not buckle under in the mess he made, joined him (for money) in degrading the good name of the United States of America via advancing his racist rhetoric. 

Twenty minutes is a long segment. Trust me, this one moves along as fast as any twenty minutes you have experienced If you want to see the perfect example of what this nations does not need within a thousand miles of the White House, give it a viewing.


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