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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The TPI Gazette: Trump's World

It has been a few months since we developed a Trump video gazette.  Time only permits visual presentations related to Trump, as we could spend far too many hours working to develop cogent text and commentary about the GOP circus attendant.

Non-Progressive News...

While, I am certain the backdrop of the following image was very much intentional and aimed at campaign optics, I find it amazing the Trump campaign didn't think in terms of "garbage."

Since Trump spoke with a backdrop that appears as garbage, let's start with some unadulterated garbage from Trump and two Republicans who introduce the carnival barker in a New England event.  Rachel Maddow delivered a segment that I will classify as a must view.

From the Greenville Gazette via Occupy Democrats YouTube feed,

Trump Compares His Own Sexual Promiscuity To Fighting In Vietnam

How will the GOP/RNC deal with this reality No amount of lying, bluster, and carnival barking will reverse the visuals below?

How about a bit of advice from the nation's number one Trump supporter.  How to pick a vice presidential candidate.

Thank you, John McCain for this miscarriage of humanity

Untitled by Anaalu8

What Gazette report onTrump's GOP would be complete without an update on his far right racist contingent?

What would an edition of the Gazette be without a reminder of life other than that of the GOP?  President Obama addressed the Canadian Parliament earlier in the evening.

President Barack Obama received huge applause at the conclusion of his speech to the Canadian legislature, accompanied by a rousing, aggressive chant of…

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