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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trump's Big Hilary Speech And The Danger Of Media

CNN, Fox News and MSNBC all employ hosts, reporters, and paid contributors who from time to time riles the hell out of me.  Each network also employees similar people who rile me with each and every utterance.  In fact, Fox News employs many conservative talking heads who are upon seeing their faces induces finger (digital) manipulation of my TV remote. Shepard Smith is the only Fox News personality, I can stomach for more than ten minutes.

There are those paid contributors who manage to irritate enough to induce raised eyebrows when she starts to speak. I can never anticipate where she will head with her commentary. Yet I can attest her commentary often leaves me with a confused state of mind and a jaw drop with associated open mouth (albeit it temporary). No, I am not speaking of Megyn Kelly' she gets less the two seconds on my favorite television set. Greta Van Susteren; less than a second. Any of the 'forced smiling" Trump paid dweebs (A, B C, D, E) only long enough to induce thoughts of disgust. I am also not speaking of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell as her positions are always delineated within seconds of the live camera. CNN employees a contributor who seems to avoid deep positions while effectively serving as a football analogy color commentator." 

 Nia-Malika Henderson via Mediaite


CNN political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson, who told her fellow four-box denizens that it really doesn’t matter that Trump’s speech was “riddled with falsehoods."

It should matter! 

Henderson recently joined a four split screen panel in discussion of Trumps lies,exaggerations and misrepresentations much touted speech. Watch as Henderson states the reality of Trump, yet falls woefully shy of adding verbiage to her comments which would rightly criticize Trumps. As you view her comments think along this line. " .....Well, it should matter the extent to which Trump lies his way to the General Election." Overwhelming lying before the election, should the candidate win, guarantees same and worse behavior once in the White House.

If Henderson wished to disparage the lying reality of Trump, she is blessed with the cognitive and communication tools to have expressed such. Herewith is the segment of which I speak (via Mediaite).

It is important to recall my criticism is in the realm of a desire to find certain cable news talking heads work to a higher level of responsibility. Additionally, I do not expect Henderson to approach her CNN role as certain talking heads who clearly are parked in opposite political camps left vs right). However, if Ms. Henerson isn't a closet republican, she has to realize viewers should also hear her disdain for Trump's lies.

Now, let;s take a deep look at Trumpism.

The Raw Story
 A Slanderous Speech

Fact-checking Trump's speech

Credibility in question.(video)

Fact Checks Trump's Speech

Trump referred to Clinton as  Liar. Politifact shows a reality which goes unnoticed by many US voters: Donald Trump's File.  We also offer the Politifact:Clinton Fil

Ultimately,  media host shouldn't make statements with an indication Trump's lies are falling on ears of those who do not care if he lies unless the talking head is also supportive. Media has a higher level of responsibility. Unless, and of course, the talking head supports Trump. 

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