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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bernie Sanders Supporters: Footslogging On The Danger of Trump

Playthell George Benjamin commentary (of our Times) and the dangers of continued Bernie supporter reticence against the Democrat Party. 

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Playthell George Benjamin


I can hardly believe what I am hearing from some Bernie Sander's supporters who are threatening to sit this election out or cast their vote for some third party with NO CHANCE TO WIN!!! Like that insane in the membrane bushy headed old coot Cornel West has announced that he is doing; instead of supporting the Democratic Party the way Bernie is doing! Believe it or not,  they are planning to cut off their empty heads to spite their silly faces by helping put Dumb Donnie Trump in the White House-A CLUELESS MEGALOMANIC WHO WAS BORN ON THIRD BASE BUT DELUDES HIMSELF INTO BELIEVING HE HIT A TRIPLE !!! THEY ARE MINDLESS MORONS!!!

Tim Kaine is a GREAT CHOICE!!! Here is a guy who is a Harvard Law grad that spent years fighting for the poor, he has been a Mayor, Governor and US Senator. Plus he belongs to A BLACK CHURCH and sends his daughter to a mostly black PUBLIC SCHOOL! Furthermore ,he is an expert of Foreign Affairs and speaks fluent Spanish!!! Bernie's supporters need to GROW THA FUCK UP, PUT THEIR GROWN FOLKS DRAWERS ON AND ACT LIKE MATURE ADULTS!!!! If Bernie couldn't win the Democratic primaries what makes them think he could win the general election?????

STOP citing meaningless polls nitwits; since Bernie was never the forerunner he never became the target of the right wing slime machine, which would have painted him as "Crazy Bernie" the Communist! Imagine trying to explain the difference between a "Communist" and a "Democratic Socialist" to the millions of idiots that make up the American electorate - people who can't tell their rectums from a hole in the ground on a clear day! I was for Bernie too - I was a "radical" socialist before him, 54 years ago - but he ain't in the fuckin race! Its Hillary or Trump and if you have any trouble choosing between them YOU ARE TOO FUCKIN DUMB TO VOTE!!!!!
It's bad enough that that gapped-tooth political ignoramus Corny West has gone off the track again. It's not sufficient that he helped to elect Bush, now he is doing his best to help elect Trump. If Corny West is so interested in human perfection he should get him a goddam CHURCH and preach to the congregation in his "prophetic voice." His real calling, where we need him most, is to debunk the chittlin eatin ass kissin nigger preachers supporting Trump, and attack the theology of the reactionary Christian Right, but he keeps mucking around in politics instead - a role he is totally unsuited to play! I really wouldn't give a fig what the verbose idiot ideologues around Bernie did, EXCEPT THAT MY FATE IS TIED UP WITH THEIRS!!!!!!
With all that is at stake resulting from a Republican victory that would put Trump in the Oval office, I think people who call themselves "progressive" but are planning to sit out the election because Bernie coudn't win the primary are BENEATH CONTEMPT!!! SUICIDE IS NEVER REVOLUTIONARY!!!! I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to admit this is in public...even if they are dumb enough to think it!

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