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Friday, July 8, 2016

Media:: Reality TV When We Do Not Need It.

As the coverage of last nights terrorism in Dallas literally erased publicity regarding the tragic and senseless killings of two African-American men over the course of the week, MSNBC reminded us of the ratings-garnering potential of "excitement news."   

Of course, coverage of the post-peaceful protest march police killings in Dallas warranted some form of television news coverage; without question. Yet we should question the level, scope, and depth of coverage which will surely inspire other copy-cat killings. CNN's coverage while also somewhat hyperbolic was augmented with guest contributors who spoke eloquently and productively about the weeks of senseless killings. 

Have we grown so addicted to reality television we allow the inane questions, comments from highly paid talking heads, and over-broadcast segments to ruin our psyches? Have we moved from early "Shock & Awe" Iraq War segments regarding the Iraq war to 24/7 showing and re-showing of news segments that actually diminish value within hours?  Is there true value in the re-runs with on the street comments from just about anyone the reporter feels is newsworthy? 

From this:

Watch his comments, as posted by CNN, here:

Bernard Shaw and Peter Arnett: CNN 
The Ratings gold mine cache of Iraq War "Shock & Awe."

We also offer a much longer version with video from Sky News of Austraila.

Sky News (Australia)
George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's "Shock & Awe."

To this:

Brian Williams with imagery that may appeal to our reality TV addictions, but serve no civil purpose. His reference to JFK and his use of "Urban warfare." are not surprising, Last week Williams compared President Obama's campaign speech (in support of Clinton) a reminder of the late Richard Pryor. No surprise out of the mouth of Willaims. Nonetheless, the overuse of drama, war-hyperbole with associated verbiage has become common on cable news shows and has contributed to the removal of a network news anchor from NBC's Evening News.  Well now, wasn't that anchor Brian Williams? 

MSNBC's braggadocious host, Brian Williams, (known for reporting hyperbole and outright lies) took the Dallas coverage to that of reality TV.

While CNN continued its model of running and re-running video every twenty minutes, the network's managers and producers offered hosts and guests with forward reaching and civil messages.

The day after with Charles Blow.

Television is s a powerful media. It is as integral to our lives as the kitchen refrigerator and air conditioner units. But. we should recall, television has given us some of our most horrific memories and has contributed to the success of the GOPs nominee for the top of their 2016 presidential ticket.

Celebrity rules and those who are not celebrities are mere pawns and paths to millions in earnings for the celebrity.

UPDATE: Media Matters reported on probably most heinous of media responses to the cop killings.  The following is utterly ridiculous and shameful. The New York Post.

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