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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

CNN And Trump's Jeffery Lord

Jeffrey Lord appears on CNN on Oct. 8, 2015. (screenshot)

On March 10th of this year, CNN's number two Trump talking head embarked on a zany and ridiculous call for Democrat party to apologize for slavery when asked by CNN's Anderson Cooper about Trump's position on immigration. 
“I’m still waiting for [Hillary] Clinton or any Democrat to get the Democratic Party formally on record apologizing for slavery,” Lord said. “I mean, we can start there and go on. So, you know, if they want to get into that, we can get into that too.”
The inane and deflective Trump defense are totally ridiculous; but if you want to view the segment, I have linked it here.

A week later, Lords poses another argument which could only sell at an insane asylum: Democrats and the Ku Klux Klan. 

On March 20th, Lord and Van Jones immersed in another of their frequent heated discussions of Trump and the more global Democrat Party. Lord's visited his frequent ridiculousness linking the democratic party of old (inclusive of KKK genesis from pre-1950sdemocrats) with modern-day social politics. If Lord actually believes many Americans buy into his inane rhetoric he is a poor example of a national television surrogate.The argument isn;t even prevalent on conservative social media and I don't; recall reporting of such via Fox News. The argument obviously offers Lord a level of personal satisfaction, but his point fails among people who consider themselves well informed (both right and left).

If Lords's only retort to all too frequent need to run 'protection" for Trump is Dem slavery" and "Dem KKK", the man is earning millions via Trump-like carnival barking. 

CNN's Trump 'trumpeter" has consistently used the inane argument to fend off criticism of the GOP's nascent party leader. He revisited the insanity today. While appearing on CNN Live and in response to CNN hosts, Lords again immersed in crevasses of 'defend Trump by all means."
Hilary Rosen (Democrat Part contributor) and Jeffrey Lord (Trumpite) 
“Is the Democratic Party, which has written six platforms supporting slavery, are you finally ready to apologize? If you want to stop dividing the country, wouldn’t that be a good place to start?” 
Rosen looked completely baffled by Lord’s question, and pointed out that President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton, along with other Democratic presidents, had “consistently apologized for slavery.” 
“Yeah, but you never apologized for inflicting slavery on the country,” Lord interrupted. 
Rosen pointed out that Democratic presidents had worked for decades to advance civil rights for black Americans. 
“The idea that Democrats had fallen on that is just not true,” she said.

In early June Lord again rolled out the KKK argument while unproductive jousting with as many as six CNN hosts and co-panelist. The segment is the Motherlode of Trump nuttiness and runs a full 19 plus minutes.  It is, however, indicative of a campaign based on pure insanity and weak arguments.  Linked here.

The shame of it all is shared with CNN as its hosts actually sat and seemed to welcome the Lord deflection. Moreover, Rosen must have felt compelled to follow the strategy deflection as she engaged via mentioned of past Democrat presidents. Additionally, Lords deflection is as shallow as a tadpole pool as a response to over-the-top Trumpism, and slavery is an indictment of a nation, vs, indictment of a particular political party. 

The reality of political ideology as it relates to the nation's African-American minority isn't a topic anyone in conservative America should advance. The Democrat Party isn't the party of anti-civil rights, anti-LGBT rights, abortion rights oppression, voter suppression, and it is certainly not the party with 100% support from Trumpite white supremacists. Why progressive CNN contributors don't challenge Lords inane deflection is perplexing?

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