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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump Logo

The "C" team over at the Trump campaign published a Trump/Pence logo towards the middle of the week. The logo looked like this:

Sharp, eh?

Well, when there was a time when this was the image below is how Trump promulgated his brand the help of Playboy Magazine, the logo above is the worst image a presidential candidate should leave open.

From the Playboy image to the modern dayTrump/Pence image with requisite dominance still intact.

How about a bit less carnal imagery?

Well, it appears the Trump "C" team learned a lesson in social media and discovered a peep into the mindset of millions who find Trump a despicable embodiment of all of which American should find ugly and reprehensible. The lesson also reminds us all, if elected to the Whtie House, those who now comprise Trump's campaign team will infest the Executive Branch of federal governance. They will gleefully take their reality TV show to the nation's capital and they will attempt to govern in the same unprofessional, naive and bush league manner.

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