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Friday, July 29, 2016

National Defense At Party Conventions (Video) And Trump A-Z

We hoped to offer a quick comparison of the Democratic convention national defense speech and that of the Republicans a week ago.  The contrast is stark and one speech was laced with yells of "Lock her up.:  Yes, for the first time in US History a presidential campaign hired a former general to go on stage and speak for almost a half and hour with little more to say than "Lock her up."

Before we offer the two video segments, spend a few minutes on a quick video presentation regarding the nascent leader of teh GOP and his carnival barking ways.

Now, time for that contrast we promised. It is both alarming and anticipated.

While Trump used his retired general to offer a Joseph Goebbels (Third Reich)scream session for a full 26 minutes. I would not watch the full session, You will notice the general was drilled and prepared to follow script with the "Lock her up" chant. I suppose he mentioned our troops and offered stories of national defense. I didn't watch the R.N.C. Give this a few minutes for contrast and perspective.

What a difference an ideology and a strategy make!

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