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Friday, July 1, 2016

Racist Conservative Blogger Twists Reality Of A Mother Who Killed Her Daughters

Did you read about the tragic killing of two young daughters (sisters) by their mother? 

If Only Obama Had Taken Her Guns

If you know the story you know the mother was an avid gun enthusiast. Yes, I typed the word "was." The mother was shot by a police officer who arrived on the scene after responding to a 911 call.

While the story hit at a time when our news networks focused on the Orlando, Florida killings, it drew tacit attention simply based on a mother killing her daughters. I didn't pursue reading about the story in detail in the same manner Id id to read about the mother in Phoenix, Arizona who killed her two pre-teen boys. Some stories are so tragic they defy rational thought, and who really ahs tie to follow increasing numbers of domestic violence.  

A few days after the story CNN reported the mother had a history of mental issues and the network reported the shooter mother's husband was in the same room as the young women when they were shot. The husband reported his wife's history of mental illness.  OK, the story moves to the back burner and became yet another example of a mentally ill person using a firearm to enact their 'end-of-life.  In this case via cop.

Alas, the story didn't die-off and has been used by a seething racist to advance the extent of her social deprivation and mental illness via a personal blog. What follows is both tragic, sickening and typical demagoguery of a racist who will expend copious levels of energy to advance their personal racism. Sadly they feed garbage to people who are all too willing to absorb the garbage as thoroughly as a sponge absorbs rain drops in Death Valley, Nevada.

Friend of the TPI and webmaster of The Whirling Wind website, Benjamin T. Moore, Jr., compiled and shared an intriguing, yet poignant, exhibition of how racists seed their fields of racism and hatred under an umbrella of religion. 

I am going to post two Facebook posted Mr. Morroe posted yesterday.  The first post relates to credible handling of the tragic killings via CNN. The second Facebook post is the salient point of this piece. You will find the linked article as a classic example of racist propaganda  as one can imagine. It actually seems to echo the same level of purpose focused racism via the written word so often promulgated by Joseph H. Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda and communication, for the Third Reich.

Benjamin T Moore Jr's Profile Photo

Now the piece which will turn your stomach. A piece totally void of concern for the dead young women and a piece that totally ignores the insane state of mind of the killer mother and her affinity for firearms. A bad combination if we consider her state of mind. Her husband knew she had a history of mental depression and he knew she was a gun enthusiast. 

Is there a need for more verbiage?

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