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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Regressive Fox News: DL Hughey Vs Megyn Kelly

There are times when the rational person has to wonder, why would Fox News even bother to refute its obvious news and business model: appeal to American conservatives and its predominate white audience. While most American white people are not bigots nor are they racists, it is a safe assumption that the majority of the nation's social degenerates Fox News viewers (if any news).  Let's take a form of syllogism to finished the point. 

The majority of Fox News viewers are white conservatives.The vast majority of white racists are conservative.Therefore, the vast majority of Fox News viewers are (as a minimum) bigots).
Then why would Fox News management dispatch Megyn Kelly to carry its 'false flag' on we are not a racist network?

Example one

Bill O'Reilly is an unquestionable racist. Watch and listen as he proves his (excuse the pun) colors with noted educator Mar Lamont Hill, PhD.

 On an episode that aired 2 years ago on the fox show ,The O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly was discussing President Obama's plan to reinforce the Mexican border with Marc Lamont Hill, a Columbia professor and political contributor to Fox News. Both host and guest agreed that Obama's proposal seemed insufficient. At one point, while trying to illustrate a point, O'Reilly said to Hill, who is black: "Say you're a cocaine dealer. And you kind of look like one, a little bit."Hill laughed it off--"As do you! You look like a cocaine user"

An under-educated racist felt privileged enough to have the highly educated and well spoken Dr. Hill o his show to energize his audience with a 'racist woodie."

Example Two: 

This week Fox News gave Megyn Kelly the bridge to far task of cornering DL Hughley discussion fox News's lack of racism. She failed as miserable as she failed in supporting O'Reilly's past characterization of Pepper Spray as being sprayed with a food product (vegetable). 

Kelly was fortunate the comedian activist didn't remind her of a past verifiable case of Kelly racism. Hughley should have found a moment to remind the Fox News hatchet woman of here "white Santa; white Jesus" remarks. Comments that led to a few days off the air and with a half-assed retraction the following Monday. Her comments were classic racists.

Kelly Vs, Hughley

Well, yes Megyn Kelly and Fox News broadcasts are slanted towards a predominately white audience and all too often delivers its messages and information that can and should be considered racist.

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