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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Did Young Trump Actually Accuse President Obama of "Lifting Passages?" (VIDEO)

President Obama delivered a speech of our lifetime last night. His speech in support of the Hillary Clinton nomination will without question set in the archives of the best from our 44th President, and it effectively dealt with concerns from Hillary as a candidate.  

Last week a few Trump offspring adorned the GOP "dark" stage with praise-filled comments about their father as a candidate for the presidency.  One speech from Donald Trump Jr. has come under scrutiny for what some call self-plagiarizing from Trump (the junior's) speechwriter.  While it is nto worth our time to rehash the issue, If you are interested simply Google the speech.

The failure of a Trump to offer any degree of originality in a speech was not a surprise.  Although I will admit to a degree of surprise Trump's wife has lived a long life with the collar of an education and experience lie buried in her resume and professional portfolio.  And, the lie was cutting, embarrassing and deeply shameful. A deep enough lie; her website has been scrubbed of the biography replete with the education and experience lies. Morevoer, we haven't seen Trump's wife since l last week's R.N.C. event.

 I digress.

The failure to attribute part of young Trump's speech to his speechwriter (in some form) had moved off my radar as a newsworthy item./ Let;s face it, the Trump's are a family which seems to have a core value of "we take our money and we fake it to make it." Yet, leave it to the shallow Trump campaign to attempt a shallow strategy in addressing President Obama's speech last night. The accusation is, Obama extracted passages from the younger Trump speech and inserted the words in his historical and eloquent persuasive speech. If you have witnessed comparable shallowness, you probably have also witnessed the shallowness a tadpole pool dying under the heat of a mid-western summer in mid-August. 

Talking Point Memo has reported on the Trump campaign accusation.  Remember, it is a shallow attempt to assuage the psyches of their supporters; and that isn't a high bar.

Talking Points Memo

If by chance you issued President Obama's Hillary Clinton nomination speech, I have posted it below. The full 46 plus minutes.  Yes, a long speech, but how often do we have an opportunity to first hand view US history?

Watch President Obama's Full Speech 

Where we go from here with the Trump campaign accusations?  I say let's consider one reason the campaign is deflecting from the Cleveland event.  Let's talk about that Melania Trump degree!

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