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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: When GOP Politics Enable (Racism Blossoms)

When GOP politics enable...

Unfortunately, as politics go,so goes America.  

Have you ever shared time among a group of co-workers or a group of friends and noticed an intriguing human dynamics take shape without discussion, plan, or happenstance. One such dynamic is non-anointed group leaders. People as part of the group (without any voting) seem to move one of more of its members to that person others look to for formal or informal leadership and in some cases the person to literally follow. It evolves via common and normal interaction and it can develop without concerted efforts to advance the dynamic by the "leader . The dynamic is a natural evolution of, and is probably common to, any breathing species (animal, fish, bird). And, as human beings, any group which shares common life experiences and, or, who share a common ideology, will experience the dynamic naturally, if it is not established via common forms of appointment such as the act of voting.

Thus, we as human beings are ultimately influenceable and we are potential pawns or items of manipulation for the gifted orator or the crafty behind the scenes operator. Of course, we from time to time run across the person who is gifted in both behind the scenes interaction as well as gifted as an orator: Barack Obama.  A rarity indeed and certainly not the leader of our time of 2016 politicking; whom we are about to expose.

Yes, we are referring to Donald J. Trump, the nascent leader of the GOP and his success in providing a path for conservative America to come out of their bigoted and racists closet. If the characterization of "the closet" is a bit much for you, consider the following. Trump represents a political party and ideology which has been anti-civil and anti-human rights since the revolutionary times of the 1960s. It is a party of  comprised 92% white Americans. An even more glaring example of a party of social intolerance (if the word makes you feel better vs. bigots or racists) you should consider the number of African-American delegates at the recent Republican National Convention: 18 of the 2472 delegate seats. A fact that cannot be written off as circumstance or indifference from black republicans. The ascension of Trump to the top of the GOP is as natural as GOP no votes to any Obama initiative.

When GOP politics enable.

Donald Trump has a long history of discrimination against African-Americans. If we apply deep scrutiny to his actions and comments, it isn't difficult to find a deep core of racism. No, he will probably not support past acts of lynchings, killing to acquire black lands, nor would he stand to publicly declare white supremacy. Yet, his inner core of supremacy has been evident for many years and has been readily applied to people of color. New York Times OP-ED writer, Nicholas Kristof, recently published an opinion piece based on personal research focused on Trump's background as a developing billionaire. 

Is Donald Trump a Racist?

The answer is, yes Donald Trump is a racist who readily manifest his inner core. An inner core that has led to a much more robust support from white supremacists, neo-nazis, and the more common bigot.  

When GOP politics enable.

You are aware of David Duke's support for Trump.  If you are not aware of Duke and his resurgent white supremacist dogma head over to YouTube and type in the name "David Duke."

Duke aside, let's visit with the current national director of the KKK via MIC dot com.  
"Trump is espousing the ideals we've been promoting for years," said Thomas Robb, who took over for David Duke as national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s. "They're talking about [these ideals] at the Republican National Convention. It makes our position credible."
Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

The Ku Klux Klan's newspaper, the Crusader ( "The Political Voice of White Christian America!", published quarterly)

According to the national director of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) reports requests for his newsletter has skyrocketed. 
When GOP politics enable.
Robb, who took over for David Duke as national director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1980s. "They're talking about [these ideals] at the Republican National Convention. It makes our position credible."
Other white supremacists echoed Duke's sentiments.

Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

Donald Trump Is the Republican Presidential Nominee — And the KKK Couldn't Be Happier

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I haven't been called a "kike" since leaving Soviet Union in 1989. Thanks to Trump-loving Neo-Nazis for the reminder

According to Robb, Trump's "fixes" for problems were preaching to a long-quiet choir. In June, Trump called for outlawing immigrants from places with histories of terrorism. In December, he recommended banning Muslims from entering the U.S. And in order to keep people from immigrating into the country, the first point of his proposed immigration reform calls for a wall along the Mexican border — a wall he believes Mexico should pay for.
"We called for the border wall 30 years ago," Robb said. "We never expected someone so outspoken on issues of immigration."
When GOP politics enable.

And, this is where it all leads.  Reince Priebus was finally forced to refute growing David Duke clinging to his party leader (Donald Trump).

Keya Morgan, Filmmaker, states he has studied Hitler for two decades and the likeness to Trump is real and, in my words stupifying. 

 Trump's influence on a large swath of the nation far exceeds love from white supremacists.

For child being aged woman and secondarily women in general. 
Just to remind people Trumpo said this about abortion and women . In case you missed it #SCOTUS— vlh (@coton_luver) July 25, 2016
How about the person who feels he has a right to force actions from another and when the person does not comply, he moves to Jim Crow racists oratory and acts?

Is it possible for you to overlook the comfort displayed by one of the GOP's most noted racist?  If you wonder about my use of the word "comfort", watch the total confidence and lack of shame from an elected member of the US Congress. In this age of open racism from the Right, labelling Trumpism as an aberration is a false sense of reality.

The GOP via conservative Ameican will go down in modern US history in a manner comparable to a developing Third Reich in the mid 1920s.

Did you really believe I would leave this piece without more regarding Trump as the consummate flim-flam man?

"The Art of the Deal?"

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