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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Modern Day US Demagogue And His Clinging White Nationalist

The ultimate carnival barker

When a political candidate (and the party he leads) draws neo-nazis and white supremacists like Flies, it opens itself up for deeper affiliation with hate groups.  Media Matters reports on one such case. 

A Convention of Fear!

If you spent any time this morning on political news and it your are a progressive or liberal, you probably saw the following segments. If you you did not fall into any of the delineated scenarios, you should take a few minutes for a perspective on Trump and US conservatism, you will not find on any other cable network.  The segments are eight plus and seven pus minutes respectively. Yet, when we think of our nation, and the coming elections, it is time well spent. Informed people make intelligent decisions. Uninformed people elect demagogues like Donald Trump, and they may follow a devolving political party in to the gutter of bigotry, racism and social elitism.

A convention of shame (including a serious dose of white supremacy)

The Art Of The Deal (Ghost written?)

Anyone reading this piece knows about a past which included such demagogues. The nation they represented devolved into genocidal waste lands with associated economc collapse. 

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