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Thursday, July 21, 2016

TPI Gazette: Roger Ailes, Donald Trump And Conservative Hatred

The is so much "ugly" going-on in conservative American, we simply must post-up a gazette. You choose your mustard from an increasingly sour part of American.

Roger Ailes out at Fox. Didn't you ever wonder why so many women on the network employee liberal leg and thigh policies? One has to wonder if Ailes will ever (out of spite) reveal which of his leggy displays "played the game."  I suspect he wouldn't go there until the woman (or women) start to adorn "I didn't do it" or "Didn't Do Roger" buttons on live TV.

Trump Quick Hits!

Ninety-one percent lies....That is pathological to say the very least.

Tuesday night's Republican 'hatred and oozfest was supposed to be about jobs.  Well......

A man of little class.

More Trump uber wealthy servant loving lack of class and insensitivity.

If You Only News
But while the unctuous evil spawn was pretending to give a flying f*ck about ordinary working class people, his true colors came out in a tweet that has since gone viral.
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Now there’s the entitled, spoiled brat we all knew Trump Jr. to be. The mask has come off and boy is he ugly on the inside. 
Like his father, Trump Jr. seems to have very little interest in helping anyone else but himself. He found out his gardener missed his own sister’s wedding to work on his property and he couldn’t help but be smug about it. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Now the Trump family is trying to convince America that their history of self-serving behavior will be good for America? Don’t count on it. 
The Party of Hate via the New York Times
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Trump and The New York Times (world affairs as The Apprentice)

Now this is big!  Could Trump's phantom speech writer have committed an illegal campaign act?

As is frequently the case, we end the Gazette with a touch of icing.  If you fail to see a changing conservative America, book a time capsule and visit Munich Germany 1929.

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