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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump Offers Russian Hackers A Pass

 Why Isn't This Treason

Donald Trump started his day handing Democrat Party politicos a gift. While we know of Trump's affinity for Vladimir Putin, we had no thoughts of Trump leveraging a report on the recent Russian hack (over the course of one year) into the DNC email systems as a campaign tool. 

Is there no pride in the Trump family or in the Trump campaign to offset his obvious disdain for US national security?

Time doesn't permit developing and wordsmithing a piece on this topic (today). For the sake of expedience, we want to post some a set of quick hit information for your perusal. 

Before the Twitter links, we ask you to note not one high-level GOP official, RNC official, nor a GOP member of Congress has directly addressed Trump's flirting with a potential international adversary.

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