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Friday, July 29, 2016

Trump's Campaign As The Keystone Cops (VIDEO)

Do you recognize these images as similar to the Trump 2016 campaign?

If you don't agree with our lede video and its metaphoric similarity to the Trump campaign, allow a couple of glaring examples from the campaign.

And, if you believe Donald Trump has any competency outside of Trump Tower,and an army of sycophants and groupies, you should think again.

Rachel Maddow ran a couple of segments within the hour which are must viewing. Of course, if you are a progressive or (as I prefer "liberal'), you watched the show. However, we won't assume the show was widely watched.  Watch and listen Maddow via her research team delineated the essence of Trump and his campaign team. 

Think of staff competency and an absence of mind as Trump misses his quip by as much as thirty years of chronological aging regarding the subject of his quip.

The second we feel is absolute noteworthy is Maddow (and her team') cogent exploration of Trump and his surrogates immediately after the Republican National Convention.  Trump and his choice for VP have decided to take the weekend off, for some strange reason.  Of more significance, Trump apparently dispatched Trum Jr. to Philedalhipa ZMississippi as their first real post-convention campaign stop.  Maddow explains the significance of Philadelphia Mississippi, therefore we will not spend time beyond what is necessary for an introduction. It is worth noting a hint: Rondal Reagan's first stop after his 1980 acceptance of the GOP nomination was the same small town in Mississippi.

Before the MSNBC segment, a moment of reflection for a former Reagan aide who spoke eloquently at last night's Democratic Party Convention. Yes, Democratic Convetnion..I did not mistype.

ABC News
Former Reagan official Doug Elmets: "Donald Trump, you're no Ronald Reagan"
Trump Dispatched Junior to the heart of Mississippi. Why? Are they cloning Reagan or simply dense about MKississippi as a solid read state? 

While Maddow was too professional to mention the obvious, we state our attention to Trump's campaign massaging white nationalism and its staunch support for the leader of the GOP. We offer Trump's strategy is clear. he has yet to totally disavow support from Americans white supremacist and he needs every white vote he can muster to win this fall.

These people, the Trump team, wants into our White House!

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