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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trump's Unconventional Introduction of Pence: Disdain Or A Rush To Twitter?

As Donald Trump cities to expand his reality TV audience, his campaign has moved to a critical point: the selection of a vice president.  As you know Trump bolstered excitement in conservative America with his (or his family's) choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence. The selection is literally a rave and wave move for American bigots as Pence is probably the most regressive Governor in the nation. The National Committee To Preserve Social Security & Medicare (NCPSSM) pegged Pence as an enemy of Social Security and Medicare. 

As we hear rumors of an RNC/GOP election platform which may include a prohibition on pornography along with rumors of a promulgation of religious dogma, Pence's selection should not surprise.  Yet, there was a surprise during yesterday's unveiling of Pence as Trump's co-carnival barker. 

Trump introduce Pence and quickly left the view of all viewers as Pence mumbled through his comments.  Is Trump so weird and anti-tradition he would fail to show support for Pence via standing within feet; as is customary?  CNN's Donna Bash joined a discussion of the odd nature of Pence's introduction.

Crooks & Liars

CNN Shocked By Trump's Handling Of Pence Introduction

Is there a possibility Trump wanted to run-off stage to feed his addiction to Twitter?  While the following Crooks & Liar's piece relates to Trump's Twitter addiction (and Elizabeth Warren's success in irritating Trump), assuming the New York carnival barker needed a Twitter fix, may not be a leap.

Before the Crooks & Liars piece, a critical question.  Do you Trump supporters not recognize his outside of the norm addiction to Twitter? What about Trump's addiction do we find in other uber wealthy people (Internationally)?  Thus, even you supporters must admit to behavior well outside of the norm probably denotes and unbalanced mind. 

Donald Trump Can't Stop Angry Tweeting Like A 10 Year Old, Warren Continues Her Endless Taunting

On the eve of the Republican National Convention, one would expect the presumptive nominee to be focusing on meeting with his team, perfecting his speeches, talking with speakers and resting. That would be if the candidate was moderately sane, functioning at above a 3rd grade level and capable of a modicum of self control. Apparently, Donald…

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