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Monday, July 11, 2016

"War On Cops?"

A national police advocacy group leader spoke as follows over the weekend. Of course, the political hitman was booked on Fox News where the hourly drum of "war on police" is as prevalent as praise for the GOP.

“I think [the Obama administration continued appeasements at the federal level with the Department of Justice, their appeasement of violent criminals, their refusal to condemn movements like Black Lives Matter, actively calling for the death of police officers, that type of thing, all the while blaming police for the problems in this country has led directly to the climate that has made Dallas possible,” William Johnson, the executive director of the National Association of Police Organizations, said in an interview with Fox on Friday morning.
ANTI-BLM Talking head

The "war police" is a contrived propaganda campaign offered to the nation after the first comment from the nation's 44th President after the heavy-handed handing of noted historian Henry Louis Gates, PhD.

Before taking the false narrative apart, I have posted the Politico piece, here. I will avoid the use of numerous video of police abuse since the well-published beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles. However, the New York City killing of Amadou Diallo as he reached for his wallet outside his apartment building residence is a stark reminder of last week's shooting of Philando Castile. While Castille informed his killer he possessed a gun, he was summarily executed once he complied in present his driver's license. The linked Castille article was developed around the killer cops assertion he shot the victim not based on race, but because of the presence of a firearm. 

Not based on race How about an audio from the traffic stop. If you hear the words "wide nose", yes you heard it correctly.

The presence of a firearm?


I do not recall one instance of an open carry gun totter being shot by a cop. I digress. Let's move to the point of this piece: The alleged Obama 'war on police." 

"War on Police?" A well-known GOP stooge governor from Wisconsin weigh-in on President Obama and the alleged war on police." As is consistently the case, the Wisconsin Governor spoke without any regard for actual data related to police shootings since he was first born. 

Wasn't it Ronald Reagan who once repeated a well-worn quote: Facts are pesky things."

Shootings of police officers remind of the out-of-control availability of firearms across the scope and breadth of the nation. If we drill the shooting down to actual fatalities the trend-line is equally disturbing, but further, indicates the fallacy of GOP attacks a President.

Last fall after a senseless cop shooting in Houston, TX, NPR pushed a piece with this lede paragraph and graphic. NPR: Is There A War 'ON COPS?": Statistics say "No"
The ambush-style murder of Sheriff Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in suburban Houston on Aug. 29 has added new urgency to warnings about a growing "war on cops" in America. After the arrest of the suspect, an African-American man named Shannon J. Miles, the local district attorney called for more public support for law enforcement.
While the number of police officers killed on duty nearly doubled from 2013 to 2014, the increase is deceptive, says Seth Stoughton: 2013 had unusually few deaths. 2014 was comparable to other recent years and to the 10-year average. Note: The FBI uses the term "felonious deaths" for the deaths of officers from injuries incurred in the line of duty during criminal incidents.

Wisconsin Governor Scott and the police advocacy talking head are obviously people focused on a twisted form of US politics. They spend air-time (albeit Fox air-time for the advocacy guy) as platforms.. to offer GOP propaganda. While political propaganda is nothing new our current age of senseless firearms killings places the talking heads in a dangerous light. They are weapons enablers  and purveyors of lies that land in the minds of he less informed.  People who accept their oratory are the very fear-filled voters who run to polling paces to cast regrettable votes.

I Am The Law And Order Candidate"

  Need say more?

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