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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Your Trump Vote Is An Antithesis To American Values

An optic for the ages.  Black, supposed, ministers who publicly responded to Trumps failed attempt to have 100 black ministers' visit Trump Towers.  How does these "ministers' reconcile what follows?

Donald Trump's irrefutable support from white supremacists.

The Daily Kos

White Supremacists Heimbach frequents Trump rallies

If you think Heimbach is simply an overzealous Trump supporter, think again. He admits to Pat Buchanan as a major political influence.

Trump Supporters More Likely To View Blacks Negatively -- Reuters/Lpsos Poll

Supporters of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump are more likely to describe African Americans as "criminal," "unintelligent," "lazy" and "violent" than voters who backed some Republican rivals in the primaries or who support Democratic contender Hillary Clinton, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll. Ahead of the Nov. 8 election to replace Barack Obama, the first black…

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