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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

About President Obama And Louisiana

Natural catastrophe visit: To be or Not to be?

You have two options and two option only if you care about the aftermath of the recent flooding in south Louisiana. You can buy into the hype unleashed by Donald Trump and his herds of sycophants and certain media or you can accept the reality fo avoiding a photo opportunity as enact by President Obama. 

Rather than rehash the hype  including Trump hanging a large check to anti-gay pastor Tony Perkins, we prefer to simply post up a YouTube Vidoe of part of the president's comments during his visit to the area.

Obama's addressed federal support in Louisiana


It is beyond sad that many in the nation will continue to seek short-term gratification form knocking the wisdom of Barack Obama. I even read pseudo-progressive Harold Ford agreed with an MSNBC host that Obama should have visited Louisiana last week. The two viewer entertainer (Host and guest) did not give one damn for comment from the Louisiana Governor regarding visiting at the most effective time VS. photo ops.

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