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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Baltimore Police Department Exposed (Video)

As we watched the prosecution of a set of six Baltimore police officers fizzle into acquittals and an ultimate dropping of all charges, we should have wondered about the "fix." Someone in the chain of custody of Freddie Gray should have received some form of culpable judgment.  Where is the lesson to other cops about the callous treatment of some citizens while partaking ice ream socials in other (non-black or Latino) neighborhood? 

In most cases, abusive cops are not hired. They become wanton participants in a culture that exudes from the top down. They learn to disrespect and literally hate people when their managers allow an aura of mistreatment and disregard for decency simply based on race.  

Yesterday, we read reports of results from an extensive study of the Baltimore Police Department. The report mirrors that of similar studies in Ferguson, Missouri as an example. 

MSNBC's Chris Hayes broadcast an informative six minute piece regarding the report. The finds are shameful to put it mildly. It should anger any rational American an should rattle the inner workings of many big city police departments. I will wager similar finds won't come from studies of all big city departments. And, to think people seem to hate the ideology and manifestation of "Black Lives Mater."

Baltimore Police department: A cesspool of racism and wanton abuse

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