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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Clinton's Health AsTrump Political Strategy

"May I see a note from your doctor?"

This weeks conservative attack on Hillary Clinton's run for the US Presidency is in the realm of her health. Fox News must have been actively involved in the conference call as the network's goon, Sean Hannity, and his production team have developed a few full shows devoted to Clinton's health.  

As is frequently the case with Hannity, the informed and intellectually savvy potential viewer knows to avoid his show. The Fox News henchman has been forced into ore on-camera retraction and admission of video production lies than any of his cohorts. 

I. Hannity busted by Comedy Central's The Daily Show (Jon Stewart):  The fake crowd video

II.  Media Matters offered a more network comprehensive piece the very day of Hannity's admission.

Is there really a surprise Hannity would jump to the front of the doomed RNC, GOP and Trump strategy?

Health as a strategy to beat Hillary Clinton.  Beggars truly have no pride.

Last night's Rachel Maddow show included a segment about the RNC strategy and a correlated cases of weirdness regarding a letter about Donald Trump's health form late 2015.  And, I do mean weird. The letter is embedded below for those who will l not sit through nine minutes of Maddow.  Notice the language and use of hyperbole in the letter. Also, you will find blustery (medical health related) adjectives we have literally heard ooze form Trump's mouth.   

How about the letter salutation: "To Whom My Concern."

MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show

Will we ever grow weary of the flim-flam acts from the Right?

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