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Monday, August 1, 2016

Donald Trump Leads Where No Sane American Will Go

Spend a few minutes watching people with whom you may very well share political ideology.

Changing National diversity isn't a reality among America's conservatives.  If their political party is an indication, a lack of tolerance for non-whites is far from a surprise.  Vox published a piece about the differences in delegates at both recent pre-election conventions.  

First, what is a delegate?

A delegate is someone who attends or communicates the ideas of or acts on behalf of an organization at a meeting or conference between organizations, which may be at the same level or involved in a common field of work or interest.
Democratic Party

The Democratic Party uses pledged delegates and superdelegates. A candidate for the Democratic nomination must win a majority of combined delegate votes at the Democratic National Convention.

Pledged delegates are elected or chosen at the state or local level, with the understanding that they will support a particular candidate at the convention. Pledged delegates are, however, not actually bound to vote for that candidate, thus the candidates are allowed to periodically review the list of delegates and eliminate any of those they feel would not be supportive. Currently there are 4,051 pledged delegates.
Republican Party

The Republican Party utilizes a similar system with slightly different terminology, employing pledged and unpledged delegates. Of the total 2,472 Republican delegates, most are pledged delegates who, as with the Democratic Party, are elected at the state or local level. To become the Republican Party nominee, the candidate must win a simple majority of 1,237 of the 2,472 total delegates at the Republican National Convention.

The Republican Party, however, has established few unpledged delegates. The only people who get unpledged status are each state's three Republican National Committee members. This means that unpledged delegates are only 168 of the total number of delegates. However, unpledged delegates do not have the freedom to vote for whichever candidate they please. The RNC ruled in 2015 that the unpledged delegates must vote for the candidate that their state voted for; the unpledged RNC members will be bound in the same manner as the state’s at-large delegates, unless the state elects their delegates on the primary ballot, then all three RNC members will be allocated to the statewide winner.[4]

The WIKI definition offers perspective into differences between the two parties in many ways. One glaring difference in the party delegate processes is the net outcome regarding diversity among their delegates.  And, how does that manifest, you might ask?  The answer, six minority delegates among the GOP cadre at their convention; half of all Democratic Party delegates were minority delegates.  Take a look via Vox dot com.

Vox's detailed piece shows without stating such the total regressive and non-inclusive core of the GOP.

We offer a sample set of graphics form the Vox piece.

Charts showing the racial and ethnic breakdown of RNC and DNC delegatesChart showing the ethnic and racial breakdown of DNC candidates

The Vox piece linked above offers much more insight into the GOP's veritable racially homogeneous party. This year's convention saw the lowest number of black delegates in decades. Is there any wonder the nation's white nationalist and white supremacists are clinging into the GOP similar to Lamprey fish?  The information, data, and reality are not a matter of circumstance.

In late 2014, Leah Wright Rigueur via the Princeton University Press published 

The Loneliness of the Black Republican: Pragmatic Politics and the Pursuit of Power. Check out this page from the bookThe reality of life for the"black conservative" (As they refer to be called, is as real as Donald Trump declaring a total ban on Muslims entering the US.  

I must ask, why bother? What is It about the GOP actually attracts people who we assume possess average intelligence? Their support for the GOP is as solid as a six-foot thick concrete wall and it is as ever-present as the 24/7 Greenwich Mean Time clock. Should we simply write- off the 'black conservative' as Einstein once defined insanity?

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