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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Pastor Mark Burns...Burns Into Virtual Insanity

Yesterday we published a piece which including the following related to yet another African-
American so-called pastor who serves as a surrogate for Trump. What you are about to see is indicative of a paid mouthpiece who collects a paycheck for doing the bidding and the business of a bigot or racist. As you view what follows ask yourself, "Why wouldn't a black man, go there?"

The Progressive Influence: "Trump And The GOP Apocalypse." 

Image result for black pastors support christie
Image result for black pastors support christie  Image result for black pastors support christie
The "presstitute"
Take this man who apparently has a congregation of people who give him money each week. Mind you a so-called pastor. Does Trump actually believe an entree into the black community can happen via "presstitutes" and religious money whores (male and female)?


Black Americans, THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES and letting me use you again..See you again in 4 years.
Pastor Mark Burns

Read more: Politico 

The shame of it all. A pastor?  Do you think the "pastor" is paid by the number of black votes he delivers?  I suggest, if so. he will undoubtedly earn more money from his congregation. 

A real shame actually, Well, you know by now the so-called pastor has both doubled-down on his ill-advised exhibition, and within hours issued a half-a_ _ apology.

Burns via Periscope...
"I want to Apologize for my Twit that many found to be offensive..."
Do you recall when twelve black pastors stood proudly behind Chris Christie as he campaign for re-election as the Governor of New York? Will employing religious "presstitutes" turn the black vote?  A rhetorical question, but let's get an update from Public PolicyPollingg (PPP).

Rachel Maddow ran a segment last night about recent polling in which African-Americans were asked about the prospect of voting for Trump.  The segment is posted below, but allow a quick excerpt from the PPP results.

Highly Accurate Polling Across the Country
One reason Trump's campaign may be struggling is that voters just don't buy into the premise that the United States is a dangerous country. Just 26% say they consider it to be, to 64% who don't think it's a dangerous country. That may help explain why Trump's ostensible outreach to African Americans and Latinos- playing up violence within their communities- isn't working. Only 13% of African Americans and Latinos think Trump actually cares about them, to 74% who say they don't think he does. Hillary Clinton is winning their voters 73-9 with Jill Stein at 6% and Gary Johnson at 3%.

Trump has a long way to go with African-Americans: new PPP poll

In a TRMS exclusive, Rachel Maddow shares the results of the latest Public Policy Polling poll, which shows, among other things, that Donald Trump is about as far as is mathematically possible from having any support among African-American voters.

All said and another day passed into evening. Apparently, the pastor wishes to continue to spewing rambling rhetoric on behalf of Trump. He joined Steve Kornacki as he substituted for Chris Matthews on MSNBC's Hardball.

Watch, but before warned this man seems to have serious issues with his emotional state. 

We again ask. How does Trump attract such horrific spokespeople?  Does the Trump campaign vet these people or does the color of their skin (and the false belief pastors rule in the black community) carry the weight of awarding payments?

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